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Yufka Pastry with Spinach

Ingredients for Spinach Yufka Pastry (With Great Sauce) Recipe
1 kilo spinach
5 sheets of dough
1 onion
Black pepper
Ground pepper

For the sauce;

1 bowl of yogurt
1 teacup of oil
2 eggs

Spinach Yufka Pastry Recipe

This pastry will be your favorite. To tell me. It is both delicious and practical. If you hear that smell while cooking, you will be right. Let’s move on to the recipe.
Let’s wash the spinach first. Let’s cut it. Let’s add the onions that we cut into small pieces raw.
Let’s add salt, spices and knead by hand. On the one hand, let’s prepare our sauce, add oil and eggs into the yogurt and whisk.
Let’s spread one of our dough. Let’s rub the sauce all over. Let’s cut the yufka in two in the middle. Let’s put it from the inner material.
Let’s roll. Let’s roll it into our tray.
Let’s do it all this way. Let’s rub it over the remaining sauce.
Let’s bake in a preheated oven at 190 degrees, which is equivalent to the top of the cooking.

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