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Izmir Meatball Recipe (İzmir Köfte)

The materials needed by people who want to make Izmir meatballs can be found quite easily and are even available at home. İzmir meatball is a favorite dish especially for children. Although the recipe is quite simple, some people are afraid that İzmir meatballs are difficult to make. However, İzmir meatballs are a very practical dish. So how is Izmir meatball made?

500 gr oiled ground beef
1 onion (need to be grated)
3 tablespoons of bread crumbs or breadcrumbs
1 egg
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of cumin


When these materials are available, meatballs of İzmir meatballs can be made. However, Izmir meatballs have a special sauce. And the difference of İzmir meatballs from other meatballs is that they are served with potatoes, tomatoes and peppers. Other materials are as follows:


4 potatoes
4 green peppers
2 tomatoes
For the sauce: 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, 1 teaspoon of tomato paste, 2 grated tomatoes, 2 cups of hot water and half a teaspoon of salt.
This is all the ingredients required for Izmir meatballs. However, after the materials are provided, it is also very important. You should definitely pay attention to the tips of Izmir meatballs. Otherwise, İzmir meatballs may not be made with the expected beauty. Although the preparation of Izmir meatballs varies from person to person, there is a general recipe. Here is Izmir meatball production:


Meatballs should be prepared first. All the ingredients required for the meatballs should be kneaded in a deep bowl until they are well mixed.
The meatballs must be cut in the size of a walnut and rolled in the palm and pressed into a shape suitable for Izmir meatballs, that is, it should be in the form of thin long cylinders.
After the meatballs are prepared, the potatoes should be peeled neatly and cut into apple slices. Tomatoes should be chopped into rings. The last remaining peppers should be cut from the stems and cut into two.
Approximately 1 and a half glass of sunflower oil should be poured into a pot and heated. Potato slices and meatballs should be thrown into the fried oil and fried until they turn color. After the fried meatballs and potatoes are removed, they should be placed on a baking sheet.
All the ingredients provided for the sauce should be stirred over the İzmir meatballs on the stove.
Meatballs, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes placed on the baking tray should be put in the preheated 200 degrees oven and cooked in İzmir meatball oven for about 20 minutes until the peppers and tomatoes are browned.
When all these are done, Izmir Meatballs will be ready! Bon Appetit…

Izmir meatballs are fried in a pot, then thrown into the oven and cooked. This is a unique recipe for Izmir meatballs. Although it is referred to as izmir meatballs in the oven, it is of course fried beforehand.

İzmir Meatballs Arda

Famous Chef Arda’s Izmir Meatball recipe is not different from other recipes. Arda also uses the ingredients used in other recipes. However, Arda has some tricks. These are listed as follows:

Garlic should be grated or chopped on Izmir meatballs,
İzmir meatballs should not be long, but slightly plump,
According to Arda’s recipe, 1 egg should be broken into the meatball mixture,
If the minced meat mixture is desired to be mixed thoroughly, it should be kept in the refrigerator for 15 minutes,

İzmir Meatball Cooking Suggestion: Depending on the request of the person, the fan can not be operated in the oven and the tray can be covered with aluminum foil and cooked. When cooked this way, it will be as if it were cooked normally.

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